Finding great talent in today’s marketplace takes time, experience, and patience.  Yet without great employees, your company will never reach the next level.  Smith Personnel can help you find the right fit for your organization.  Our knowledge and experience will source out the talent you require; this will save you time, money, and keep you focused on achieving your business goals rather than reading the hundreds of resumes from job seekers who will not help you reach the next level in your business. Here are a few points where SMITH PERSONNEL Saffing Solutions can help your business....


  • We provide assistance with current market values so you can attract top candidates

  • Smith Personnel has vast resources to attract your targeted candidate, which reduces the time spent studying applicants/resumes

  • Saves your management time by interviewing only top candidates

  • We offer you a guarantee to protect your investment

  • Smith Personnel can offer you advice on relevent market expertise and employment law


Temporary jobs from Staffing and Recruiting Agencies are playing an increasingly important role in economic solutions.  Companies benefit from the engagement of temp workers by reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Utilizing temporary employees for peak periods offers our clients a consistent high level of customer service while not incurring the cost of a permanent employee to meet these changing work demands. Smith Personnel can perform many of the duties of your Human Resource Department, but with greater efficiency due to a wider talent pool.  Your company can have the increased flexibility to meet the shifting deadlines of your clients, while maintaining  high customer service levels during peak holiday season or after an unexpected resignation. Here are more examples of how SPSS will help your business....



  • Relieve your existing staff from being over-burdened and burned-out

  • Enable you to meet project deadlines and handle extraordinary business demands, increasing your bottom line

  • Temps can be assigned specialized work your existing staff may not be qualified (or willing) to do

  • Since the Smith Personnel is the actual employer, you don't necessarily have to increase headcount in order to employ more workers when needed